Rules and Regulations

Nature of the Parties – Barter LA is an advertising website that list businesses that are willing to offer a 25% discount off their stated rates. Barter LA promotes its website to the public for the advantage of its paying advertising members. Barter LA has a review section for the benefit of the public and its advertisers.

Advertisers agree to offer a 25% discount off their stated rates to anyone who references them through the Barter LA website. Advertisers agree to pay a minimum $25 monthly fee to be listed on the Barter LA website.

Cancellation – Advertisers can cancel at anytime for any reason. The monthly fee during the month of cancellation is not refundable. It is up to the advertiser to cancel future payments in the system.

Reviews – Barter LA has a review section whereby anyone can write and read reviews of the advertisers. All reviews will be verified for validity and removed if found to be inaccurate.

The 25%  Discount Definition – All payments and sales transactions are between customers and advertising businesses. Barter LA takes no responsibility in the transactions. All advertising members agree to offer a 25% discount off their stated rates.

Since all businesses are different in their nature of services, advertising businesses have to at least offer a 25% discount off at least 1 good or service. If there are multiple products or services purchased, then the largest purchase must be 25% discounted.

For example, a Dentist could give a 25% discount off a deep cleaning, but x-rays and other miscellaneous services can be full price.

If an advertising business is already offering a discount for products or services they have to give at least a 25% total discount, but not 25% additional to the discount already offered.

Restaurants – Due to the nature of restaurant transactions, they can give a different type of discount. Whatever they want to discount as long as it is at least $2. Such as, free soft drink with a meal or free desert is acceptable.

Amendment of Terms and Rules – Barter LA reserves the right to change fees and rules at any time. All advertising businesses will be notified with any changes in writing.

Disclaimer of Liability – Advertisers agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Barter LA with respect to any claim, debt, or liability whatsoever arising out of any transaction between Advertiser and customer.

Credit Card Approval – You understand that if your credit card is denied then you will not be a listed advertiser unless the credit card is updated or a new credit card is used.